Windows 10 backup and restore step by step

Windows 10 backup is one of the simple way to automatically backup your personal Data Files.

System restore has been around since Windows ME, creating snapshots of system files you can restore if a problem occurs.

You can re enable it if you feel more comfortable with system restore as a safety net. This software offers more features.

This feature is available in windows 8 & 10 OS.

Windows 10’s File History is an easy way to get started with backup your Data files.

If you want personal Data with File History, Type Restore files in Search box on the task-bar.

After find the version you want and select Restore to save it in its original location.

You can choose to save files in different places or location.


Windows 10 backup & Restore Files – Follow this steps:

  1. Click “Start” Button On Down side task bar.


  1. Click the “Settings” Button left side of the windows menu.

windows 10 backup










  1. Under Click the “Update & Security” Button

windows 10 backup









  1. Click the “Backup” then select “Backup using file history

windows 10 backup











  1. Click the “More Options” icon. and click the “Restore files a current backup” option.

windows 10 backup












Once you complete these steps to full backup of your files on your selecting location file Folder on your system.


How to Restore a system image Backup of windows 10.

If your PC won’t boot, so you want to start over with a previous installation.

Following this steps to easy to recover from windows 10 backup.

  1. First user Connect the External drive with the system image backup to your device.
  2. After next connect the disk that contains the system repair data files or USB bootable drive with the windows 10 installation files to your Device.
  3. Reboot your PC or Laptop.
  4. If you can access the BIOS by starting your device and hitting one of the functions or ESC keys. If your PC isn’t to booting into the windows Setup wizard, you will need to change BIOS settings to make sure it can boot from USB or DVD drive.
  5. Click the Next button in Windows setup page.

windows 10 backup











6. Click the bottom-left side of the corner link Repair your computer.

windows 10 backup













7. Choose the Troubleshoot option.

windows 10 backup













8. Click the system image Recovery option.

windows 10 backup













9. Choose the windows 10 OS.

windows 10 backup













10.Select the system image option in “Re-image your computer” page and Click the latest available system image option after click Next button.

windows 10 backup












11. If you want to restoring a full backup to new drive, you can select and click the Format and re partition and Disk on your computer and click Next button.

12. Finally Click the FINISH select button.

windows 10 backup













Click YES to confirm that the backup will restore the data on the drive.

After you completing all this steps the recovery process will started. This recovery process will depend upon the amount of data.


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