Linux Backup and Restore step by step

Linux Backup and Restore

It’s provides easily to backup and restore Linux using Timeshift Application.

Timeshift is a free GUI tool that is designed to protect only system files and settings.

There are lots of impressive backup software available for Linux.

Linux backup tool use to simply to restore and backup your Media files, Documents, System setting and other important stuff safe.

Timeshift protects your system by taking incremental snapshots of the file system at regular intervals.

These snapshot can be restore at a later date to undo all changes to the system.

Snapshots are taken using rsync and hard-links. Common files are shared between snapshots which saves disk space.

Timeshift is similar to applications like rsanpshot, BackinTime and Time vault but different goals.

Note: Timeshift doesn’t backup your user/personal files. The purpose behind this is to keep the personal files unchanged. For backing up personal files, you can use BackinTime


Uses of Timeshift Application

  • Linux backup use to easily system restore and backup.
  • You misconfigured something in Linux, got something broken and want to previous state of correct settings.
  • Easily to bringing back to all old applications and settings to a new installation of Linux.
  • You are unable to boot into the system.
  • You mistakenly removed a system file permanently and want to undo it.


Features of Timeshift

  • Easy to use and automatic job: it takes you very little setup. You can make on demand or automatic snapshots,
  • Snapshot on boot: automatic snapshots on every boot.
  • Option for different backup location: You Can choose other partitions too to save the snapshots.
  • Better Snapshots and Rotation: it runs at regular interval but takes snapshots only when it finds necessary.


Installing Timeshift in Linux

Now Timeshift packages are available only for Ubuntu based system. but also developer has developed packages for other distribution.

Before installing Timeshift, you should install the following packages depending upon your distribution.


  1. For Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Open the terminal (ctrl+alt+T) and execute the below commands step by step

Linux backup





  1. For Arch Linux, Antergos, Apricity and Majaro

The latest version of Timeshift backup solution in available in the Arch User Repository. Enable AUR and get Timeshift with the following Command.

Linux backup



  1. For all Other distros

32 BIT download here

64 BIT download here

Download the appropriate file and open the terminal in the download link.

  1. Timeshift for 32-bit Linux

Linux backup



(Type in your password when prompted)

Linux backup




  1. Timeshift for 64-bit Linux

Linux backup



(Type in your password when prompted)

Linux backup



Linux backup



How to use Timeshift to backup and restore for Linux.


Lunch Timeshift either from menu Dash. At first launch, the application will estimate the system size for snapshot. Put in your sudo password when asked.

making a backup of Linux system:

Linux backup











  • Now you can choose backup location from the menu.

Linux backup











  • You may schedule daily and monthly automated backups.



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